DUCT TAPE MESSIAH - Deluxe Edition

Blaze Foley

The award-winning documentary film Duct Tape Messiah by Kevin Triplett captures the legend of the iconic Texas singer-songwriter Blaze Foley. This 80-minute (director's cut) film provides insight into a complex songwriter's life by highlighting his roller-coaster career and detailing his transformation from musician to master songwriter. A must-have for anyone curious about Blaze's story and what it takes to become an authentic craftsman of songs. This deluxe edition includes an additional three hours of rare archival video performances by Blaze, additional animation, candid interviews, and deleted scenes.

Blaze's songs have the power to connect with peoples' deepest emotions. They are honest and direct. The documentary combines Blaze's life story with his songs and presents the struggle of an artist who dedicated heart and soul to his craft.
-- Kevin Triplett, Director, Duct Tape Messiah

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(LAR/ABP 1002, April 2014)


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